10 Artistic and Practical Repurposed Old Door Ideas

Whether you want to salvage an adorable arched entry door fit for an elf’s cottage or an elaborately carved architectural panel door fit for a king’s dressing room, there are many great repurposed old door ideas to be found. Detached doors abound because the craftsmanship of yesteryear produced specimens that were built to last. Sometimes a quality door long outlasts the home or room it once adorned. Other times, beautiful doors are no longer functional, but the owners hate to part with them. Countless vintage doors that have been separated from their original homes end up in antique shops, where collectors snap them up.

Many door hunters are also DIY enthusiasts who are eager to realize all their repurposed old door ideas. Old doors can find new purpose as interior doors, freestanding room dividers or even as rebuilt furniture and shelving. Adding a vintage door to your home design adds character and function. If you have a vintage door waiting for a new life, check out this curated collection of repurposed old doors to spur your imagination.

Vintage door reinvented as a vanity letter writing desk, and storage area. The oval mirror adds to the antique feel as does the deep color and distressed paint. The wrought iron brackets add to the vintage farmhouse look while also holding the desk and wire basket in place. The desktop, basket, and shelf added on top of the door provide storage or space for other farmhouse decors.


Beautifully wrought iron scroll door was turned into a sliding office door. The rust was left on the wrought iron to add to the vintage feel of the door. The stripped look of the wood reveals the imperfections and amplifies the antique look.
A twelve-panel door is turned into a glass topped dining room table. This classy dining table retains its vintage farmhouse feel in the whitewashed distressed legs that have been added. This is truly a sophisticated repurposing of an old door. The glass top protects the wood from spills and stains.
Everything you need to grab when leaving the house organized using a repurposed door. Old shutters were used as well to create the shelves at the bottom handy for storing shoes. Hooks on the side will keep keys easily available and the mirror is nice for checking your appearance one last time before leaving.


Turn an unused corner of the house into a charming seating area or reading nook. A bench has been added to the bottom of the bench while the original glass and doorknob were preserved. Decorative swag adds a touch of whimsy as do the throw pillows. The distressed paint is in keeping with the farmhouse vintage decor.


Transform an old door into a fun and functional family message board using chalkboard paint. Added hooks for keys or sunglasses and a wire basket for mail add to the functionality. A bench has been attached to the bottom for putting on shoes or taking them off at the door as well. By Hymns&Verses
Bi-fold doors turned into a corner shelf for any unused corner of the house that needs a little sprucing up. The shelves can be used to show off photos, store books, or even display fresh flowers. The doors can be sanded and repainted with a distressed look to fit your style.
Innovative creation of a rustic garden bench using an old door.
Four repurposed doors creates a garden tool shed. Make sure to weatherproof the door appropriately so they will withstand the elements. By Black Dog Salvage

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