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Amazing Wood and Resin Ocean Coast Tables Look Like Living Shores With Moving Tides

The ocean meets land in this set of unique furniture created by artist Rivka Wilkins and woodworker Jared Davis. Their collaboration, which includes a bench and a coffee table, combines decorative layered resin art with a walnut slab of reclaimed wood. Wilkins, known for her wave-inspired paintings, adorned Davis’ large tables with brilliant swirling blues and incredible textures that recall the sudsy ocean tide. She captures the sea in such a life-like way that these pieces will make you feel as though you were really at the shore.

Most of the walnut slab is covered in Wilkin’s dazzling design. Her glossy waves are complemented by a sliver of unpainted wood with a natural edge. Davis has covered this part with a hard-wax oil, which gives the walnut a low-gloss finish while protecting it from spills. Each piece boasts flat bar steel legs, and this addition makes the overall aesthetic feel contemporary. Coupled with the one-of-a-kind surface decoration, the table and bench are instant statement-makers in any room.

The resin layers intertwine beautifully in this furniture set that consists of a coffee table and a bench, creating a realistic feeling of waves splashing against a shore. Wilkins’ art not only breathes life into the classic texture of the wood, but makes it a one-of-a-kind piece that has its own aesthetic and feel.

While the set is mostly covered by resin waves, with blue, translucent and white colors painting a picture of endless waves, the design leaves some space for the original piece to peek through. Davis covered the remaining wooden part with a hard-wax oil to not only give it an nearly matte finish, but protect it from wear and tear.

These furniture pieces are available at Davis’ Etsy store page, with the table’s price racking up to an impressive $2000. The walnut bench is sold for $1,700.

Creating ocean furniture starts with Davis finding the perfect live edge slab. “I cut them and sand them to length and ship to Rivka. Then she works her resin magic and layers her waves on the top surface of the table. Then she ships it back to me where I sand and finish all the edges, the back, and the remaining strip on the top of the slab that is not covered by her waves. And then I measure and order the legs for it and assemble it!”

Davis thinks it’s the combination of the natural elements that makes these pieces so unique.

“It just seems like a supernatural pairing of two things that we find in nature. Although the resin isn’t actual water, Rivka creates the effect better than almost anybody. So seeing those waves follow the natural curves of the live edge slab which mimic the natural curves of a shoreline is truly unique.”

His own background in woodwork goes back to being a child and spending time with his dad. “He had his own construction business. So I’ve always been involved in some type of woodworking.” Davis then went to engineering school and to pay his way through, he started making reclaimed wood things as a hobby, and everything kind of took off from there.

More info: (Wilkins) Etsy | Instagram | (Davis) Etsy | Instagram

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