Crooked Log Gazebo Ideas

Many see the idea of a gazebo as a window into the past, when a separate space was needed for courting while still being chaperoned. The quaint charm of an outdoor room can still add character to a backyard space, especially if you have a large yard or a garden. But consider new options available…

Wood in Your Bathroom? Yes, You Can!

It’s hard to resist the warmth, texture, and authenticity of wood. Next to stone, it’s one of the most beloved materials used in home décor, a link to the natural world that provides us with a sense of harmony and well-being. But in the bathroom? Mixing wood with moisture might sound like a recipe for disaster, but thanks to…

20 Creative Dining Table Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner party or gathering around the table for a weeknight meal, the dining room is where people come together. It’s the spot in the home that encourages you to celebrate your signature style.

Artist Uses Wire To Join Wood!

“At Kevin Manville Design the process of recovering urban logs that I then mill and dry is only matched by the passion to be a maker of the highest quality craftsmanship. It gives me great joy to turn otherwise discarded logs into pieces that generations will commune at with family and friends.” – says Kevin Manville. 

15 Rustic Door Ideas

Right now, there is no bigger trend in interior design than the rustic, out-in-the-country look. There are so many reasons why rustic design has become a big deal. For one thing, it reminds us of simpler times, and for another, you can use reclaimed materials in your DIY design projects—which saves time and money. Finally,…

Artist Transforms a Fallen Redwood Tree into A Gigantic Eight-Tentacle Sea Creature

Washington-based woodcarver Jeffrey Michael Samudosky has been creating elaborate figural works from a variety of Pacific Northwest trees since he started his company JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998. One of his most recent projects is a replica of an Enteroctopus dofleini, or Giant Pacific Octopus, carved from a fallen Redwood given to him by Redwood Burl.

10 Awesome Gazebo Designs

A gazebo is an isolated structure that mostly has an octagonal shape. Most likely, it is constructed in a garden but sometimes it can also be seen on parks. A gazebo has open sides with a roof on top. Its main purpose is to provide shade or shelter. It is also a great place for relaxing. Oftentimes, gazebos…