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Dynamic Wood Sculptures Carved to Look Like Pixelated Glitches

Taiwanese sculptor Hsu Tung Han is a master of marrying old and new. Using traditional methods, his contemporary wood sculptures are instilled with a futuristic spirit thanks to the pixelated glitches that permeate each piece. Working with walnut, teak, and African wax wood, Han puzzles together his monochromatic figures to great effect. With some blocks protruding and others sunken in, he’s able to achieve his signature pixelation.

Over the years, Han’s sculptures have continued to gain complexity—his new piece of a baseball catcher is no exception. Each piece of the baseball player’s uniform and equipment is rendered in detail, from his shin guards to his catcher’s mask. The pixelations instill the sculpture with a dynamism that fits well with the subject. The pixelations almost mimic motion, making the viewer almost able to hear the baseball streaking toward his mitt.

Moving away from human figures, Han has also created a pair of sculptures featuring animals. Chess is an elegant look at a powerful horse reminiscent of a knight on a chessboard. Han expertly shows the raw power of the animal by carefully carving its muscular face, while pixelated blocks seem to float away from the structure. Snowing strikes a different chord. Rendered in light-colored wood, the delicate piece shows two cranes nestled together.

Scroll down to see more of Han’s incredible pixelated wood sculptures.

Taiwanese sculptor Hsu Tung Han creates futuristic pixelated wood sculptures.
By puzzling together blocks of wood, he’s able to manipulate their positions to create these dynamic “pixels.”

Each sculpture is a masterclass in carving, with Han’s individualistic style bringing him great acclaim.


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