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Incredible Staircases

In the little township of Lienden (Betuwe, Netherlands) Jop van Driel has a very rare business: the building of exclusive staircases. These are tailor made special stairs provided with artistic carving. Jop van Driel, then, actually is a born sculptor.

“My company Trapart is a stairs building studio. I started with my father in his stairs building company. Sweeping the wood-shavings, sanding the rungs. They who start doing the simple jobs will later on become craftsmen. Over 5 years ago I started mine own company. Now I am working on orders in my studio in Lienden, together with my partner and students.”

“I am an artisan and craftsman who will consider very much the client’s desires. The client’s thought pattern is translated into a staircase which will satisfy from technical, esthetical and artistic angles.”



Keizerstraat 74

NL-4053 HK IJzendoorn

The Netherlands

T. +31 344 – 644563


One thought on “Incredible Staircases

  1. I’m just a little carpenter
    I hope that one day that I will be able to make a few little things that go into the yards and try to make me a little bit of cash I love the traditional way of carpentry and building on Homes

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