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Russian Wood Carver Sculpts Incredibly Detailed Pictures

Evgeny Dubovik was born in a Russian village Belaya Berezka (Bryansk region). He was born into the family of a joiner — his ancestors worked with trees for many generations: grandfathers built boats, great-grandfathers – mills and churches, etc.

Now, the buildings are built from concrete, and boats from metal. That doesn’t mean that woodworking has lost its relevance, though. Nowadays, Evgeny uses the wood to carve out incredible paintings from it.

He first became acquainted with woodworking tools at the age of 6; after this, he understood what will do when he grew up. His specialty is various paintings that have an insane amount of detail and certain warmth in them: landscapes, still lifes, people, geometric shapes, you name it, he makes it. Enjoy the gallery of this young master’s works, and if you like it, make sure you follow him on Instagram.

More info: Instagram

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