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Sound-Absorbing Wall Tiles Made From Colorful Hexagonal “Wood Wool”

International design studio Form Us With Love has created a series of modular wall tiles made from a sustainable material known as wood wool. Designed for Baux (a contemporary building material firm), the modular panels were made in collaboration with Träullit, the sole, family-run manufacturer of the environmentally-friendly material, which is also known as excelsior.

Made from wood fibers bound together with cement and water, wood wool is often used for packaging, insulation, and even stuffing teddy bears. The innovative designers at Form Us With Love have used this seemingly mundane material to create the hexagonal, multi-colored Baux tiles, that not only look fantastic when arranged together as geometric wall murals, but are also sound absorbent. Even better: they’re fire and moisture-resistant as well.

For more information about the Baux tile, check out the company’s website.


Designed for a contemporary building material firm, the modular panels were made with both aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness in mind.

They not only look great, but are sound absorbent, as well as fire and moisture-resistant.

The Baux tiles are available in a variety of geometric shapes and colors.

Form Us With Love: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest
Baux: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest
Träullit: Website | Facebook

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